Meiji Era – Microfilm Collection


Maruzen Booksellers and Publishers in Tokyo, Japan, has commissioned Kennys, to promote their Microfilm Series of  “The National Diet Library’s Collection of Books Printed In The Meiji Era”.

This highly important and unique collection is now being made available to research institutions throughout the world.

In Japan, researches, scholars and librarians have voiced concern over the deterioration of rare and valuable documents and manuscripts and urged that such works be microfilmed and thus preserved for future research.

The Meiji Era (1868-1911) which begun with the Meiji Restoration was a period marked by several significant projects carried out on a national scale to bring about the modernization and westernisation of Japan.

This project has ensured access to these important materials to academics and students of the Meiji Era.

We are happy to forward a comprehensive catalogue (in Japanese) or provide you with any further information you may require.

Please advise if you are interested in hearing more about this highly important publication


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