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A Collection of Prospectus's Advance Notices & other Ephemera from the Nonesuch Press

 A collection of 25 items from The Nonesuch Press including;

  • Prospectus’s & Trade Bulletin’s from 1923 – 1933

  • The 1924 Prospectus has Mss. Notes in pencil noting that editions exhausted or

  • The 1929 Prospectus is dedicated to Sir Archibald Bodkin

  • Also included are 6 reproduction drawings of Krishna  from the collection of the National
    Museum in New Delhi which were used in a Nonesuch Publications

 Number of Items: 25                                                  Code: KBODKP

 Price: €2,750                                                            Status: Available




We are pleased to offer a CD Rom edition of Kokka, inaugurated in October 1889, including Tenshin Okakura, Kenzo Takahashi and Ernest Francisco Fenollosa, is the oldest art magazine published in Japan.  It is second to the oldest art magazine in the world after the “Gazzet des beaux arts” of France.

                           Meiji Era – Microfilm Collection

 Maruzen Booksellers and Publishers in Tokyo, Japan, has commissioned Kennys, to promote 
 their Microfilm Series of  “The National Diet Library’s Collection of Books Printed In The Meiji

 This highly important and unique collection is now being made available to research institutions
 throughout the world.


                         The Showa Era

The Showa as a period is used for framework purposes only.  Books published before Hirohito’s accession in December 1926 are included as are items published after his death.
Subject areas covered include; General Social Science, Political Science, Law, Economics, Public Finance, Statistics, Education and Defence and Military Affairs etc.
Individual sub-sections maybe purchased independently.

                                          The Stopford Papers

 This valuable archive consists, in the main, of the official papers, letters and 
 briefings to Admiral Sir Robert Stopford during his period as Commander-in-Chief of
 the British Mediterranean Fleet from 1837-1841. The bulk of the papers relate
 specifically to the background and conduct of the war between Mehemet Ali,
 Pasha of Egypt, and the European powers led by Great Britain in support of the 
 Turkish Empire and known to history as the 'Syrian Wars'. There are over 400 items
 catalogued in 270 lots as many of the letters accompany others in an introductory
 or explanatory capacity.


                          Historical Archives  
Over the years, Kennys have sold many highly important Historical Archives including “The Trumbull Papers”, “The Stopford Papers” and an important collection relating to the “1798 Rebellion in Ireland”.

We are always interested in advising on the placement of similar collections and archives. 
For details of the Historical Archives, please contact

Literary Archives

We are currently promoting six Archives by contemporary Irish Writers, Poets & Playwrights. 

These include three novelists, all of whom are accomplished poets, and two of whom are respected playwrights, three poets, one of whom has had several plays produced.

For details of Archives currently available, please contact

                         British Conservative Party Publications 1922 – 1959

Includes material on the following topics; Labour, Industry, Nationalisation, Agriculture, Socialism, Unionism, Conservatism, Empire, Housing, Trade Unions, Research Department Publications, Central Office Leaflets and General Election Memos.

Approximately 850 items. Price: EUR7, 950

              The Century of War 

A 15 Volume CD-ROM edition.
A Photographic History A Century of War from Kyodo photo files
  •     The Kyodo News has purchased a collection of 25,000 photographs from the Daily News in New York.  Almost all of these are original prints in excellent condition.

  •     The collection includes many historically important photographs relating to the major Wars of the 20th century.  Of particular graphic importance are the items relating to The Korean, Spanish and Second World Wars.

  •    The photos range from the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931, triggering the long Sino-Japanese War of the 30’s and 40’s.  Images of the Second World War fought on both the European & Pacific fronts as well as footage from The Korean War in 1950 form an integral part of the overall collection.

25,000 war photos in 15 Vols
Each volume contains 12-15 CD-ROMs

  • The Sino-Japanese War 1 Vol.

  •  The Pacific War   3 Vols.

  • The Korean War  2 Vols.

  • The Spanish Civil War  1 Vol.

  • The Second World War, European Fronts  6 Vols.

  • The Second World War, African and Middle Eastern Fronts  2 Vols.

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