The Showa Era

Maruzen Booksellers and publishers of Tokyo, Japan, has commissioned Kennys to promote their CD Rom edition of  “The National Diet Library’s Collection of Books Printed In The Showa Pre-war Era."

The Showa as a period is used for framework purposes only.  Books published before Hirohito’s accession in December 1926 are included as are items published after his death.

The range of publications does reflect however, to some degree at least, the aggrandizing of Hirohito’s and Japans attitude to the outside world; both Western and Eastern publications are included.

Subject areas covered include; General Social Science, Political Science, Law, Economics, Public Finance, Statistics, Education and Defence and Military Affairs etc.
Individual sub-sections maybe purchased independently.

All titles are comprehensively indexed and are fully searchable.  The quality of the scanned images is impressively high, reflecting the time invested in the project and the quality of its administration. 

With over 38,000 books available on more than 1000 CDs, this represents an enviable opportunity to all libraries, research institutions and individual university departments, to acquire Japanese and Japan related publications from the period of it’s history when Japan went ‘international’.

We are happy to forward a comprehensive print brochure (in Japanese) or provide you with any further information you may require.

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