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Below you'll find collections that look at the highlights of micro and macro economics. You can turn to them in order to find answers to the questions that bother you, or to prepare research, for this, turn to the best writing service.




A Survey of the Canadian Economy 35 ¬1,450 Available KSCEY
An Introducion to the Economies of Latin America 50 ¬2,000 Available KAITTE
Economic Fluctuations:
Theories of Economic Growth and Recession
100 Individually Priced Reserved KECFL1
Economics of Inflation 50 Individually Priced Available KECIF1
Economics of Unemployment,
Welfare and Social Security
90 Individually Priced Available KEUWSS
Fiscal and Budgetary Policies of the National American Economy 130 Individually
Available KFISBUD
History and Principles of Political Economy 55 Individually Priced Available KHPPE1
History of Commercial Banking 40 Individually Priced Available KHOCB
History of State and Central Banks in Industrialised Countries 109 Individually Priced Available KHSCNI1
Introductory Texts and Readings in Macro-Economic Theory 70 ¬2,950 Available KITRMAT
Issues in the Economic Theory of Public Finance 30 ¬1,250 Available KIETPF
Mathematics and Statistics for Economics and Business:
Forecasting, Analysis and Research
40 ¬1,750 Available KMSEB
Rare Books on Banking 77 Individually Priced Available KRBB
Readings and Texts in Urban Economic Theory 40 ¬1,750 Available KRTUET
The American Economy:
An Introductory Analysis of its History and Structure
75 ¬3,150 Available KAEIHS
The Dollar:
A History of Currency in the United States
40 ¬1,750 Available KTDOL
The Economics of Personal Finance, Distribution of Wealth and Income Inequality 115 ¬4,600 Available KEPFDW
The History and Performance of the UK Economy into the 20th Century 100 Individually Priced Available KHPUK1
The Theory and Practice of Federal Taxation in 20th Century America 90 ¬3,750 Available KTPFTP

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