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Whether you like to read personally or you need to prepare for a project, you can in any case look at books from the database and buy essays now if necessary, or if you want to consider in more detail the ideas and processes described in the work.


  A.E. Collins Photo Archive China 1904 - 1924  A half bound leather volume of photographs 280cm x 355cm, with gold tooling decoration on spine and red leather label on spine gold tooled with: A.F. COLLINS PHOTO ARCHIVES CHINA 1904-1927.  marbled end-papers. 71 pages of photographs of various sizes, some nearly full page, chiefly black and white and some sepia. Most are captioned in ink.
vsmall-new.gif (116 bytes)The Archive of the Official Pro-Rosenberg Committee: Complete In 18 Folders
In 1950 Klaus Fuchs, head of the physics department of the British nuclear research centre at Harwell, was arrested and charged with espionage. Fuchs confessed that he had been passing information to the Soviet Union since working on the Manhattan Project during the Second World War....... Reserved
Art book E. König "Les Très Belles Heures"- At the end of the 14th century, Jean de France, Duke of Berry, commissioned one of the greatest book projects, a Book of Hours and Missal in one, the "Très Belles Heures". A very ambitious and impressive project, it took generations of the best artists from the end of the 14th to the mid-15th century to achieve.
The Bamberg Apocalypse- The Bamberg Apocalypse is among the most marvellous illuminated medieval manuscripts and the only illustrated cycle of the Apocalypse produced by Ottonian book painting. The leading scriptorium of the empire endowed the manuscript with imperial luxury: 57 miniatures on gilded ground and over 100 golden initials ornate its 106 leafs.Price: EUR4,990
  Basra-Iraq – Household Archive Price: €895
The Berlin Book of Hours of Mary of Burgundy and Emperor Maximilian- One of the most beautifully painted manuscripts of the princely Burgundian household bears a moving testimony to this royal relationship, a de luxe manuscript kept in the Kupferstichkabinett in Berlin, one of the most fascinating art works in history.
  The Belfast Trade Boycott No. in collection: 4. Price: €575
The Black Hours- The Black Hours M. 493 today in the Pierpont Morgan Library New York were made around 1475 in Bruges, probably in the circle of Willem Vrelant, the leading illuminator of this time. Price: EUR3,980
Bodkin Permitting A Collection of Prospectus's Advance Notices & other Ephemera from the Nonesuch Press 

A collection of 25 items from The Nonesuch Press including; Prospectus’s & Trade Bulletin’s from 1923 – 1933, The 1924 Prospectus has Mss. Notes in pencil noting that editions exhausted or over, The 1929 Prospectus is dedicated to Sir Archibald Bodkin and also included are 6 reproduction drawings of Krishna  from the collection of the National Museum in New Delhi which were used in a Nonesuch Publications Number of Items: 25, Code: KBODKP, Price: €2,750, Status: Available

The Book of Kells -We are pleased to recommend a fine reproduction of The Book of Kells by Faksimile Verlag Luzern in Switzerland.Irish monks, once the storms of the mass migrations had quietened down, took to spread the Christian faith all over Europe by their dedicated mission during the 5th, 6th and 7th centuries.  The age-old Irish-Celtic culture began to fuse with the impressions gathered by the monks during their extended dangerous travels.  At that time, also called The Time of Scholars and Saints, the Irish monasteries were influential cultural and spiritual centres of Europe.  At the height of Irish monasticism its most precious work was created, the Book of Kells.
Price: EUR14,650
Book of Kells Presentation Case- A richly illustrated 24-page scholarly brochure introduces the Book of Kells in all its fascination. The articles are based on the findings of the scholarly commentary volume accompanying the facsimile edition and guide the reader through the stunning world of the Book of Kells. The twelve original facsimile sheets with comprehensive descriptions of the miniatures and a scholarly brochure come in a precious presentation case measuring 51 x 41 cm. Price: EUR15,500
The Book of The World: The Saxon World Chronicle- This sumptuous codex presents the world's history from the beginning of the world, which the annalist dates as of March 18th, and the creation of Adam and Eve, recalling historical events from the Old and the New Testaments, the turbulence of Antiquity and the storms of the tribal migrations, up to Frederick II, the last descendant of the Staufer dynasty. Price: EUR5,700
The Brussels Hours- Although the creation of the Brussels Hours remains somewhat elusive, there are clear indications to remind us that the book must have been made on behalf of the Duke of Berry, as the ducal arms, his emblem the bear and the initials VE from his motto, all appear in the ornamental borders of this beautifully illuminated manuscript.

BURMA ORIGINAL PHOTO COLLECTION. Burma Original Photo Collection.  N.P.. No Edition Given.      An album, 225 x  150, of  90 photographs of Burma, size 80 x 100, black and white,  dated Rangoon, Burma, December 1930.  Some photographs captioned.
Some 20 photographs of topographical/anthropological interest, the remainder offering an interesting view of British colonial life.
Order No. 227218/  €645.00

  The Cathach of Colum Cille Price: €40
The Century of War A 15 Volume CD-ROM edition. A Photographic History A Century of War from Kyodo photo files
-The Kyodo News has purchased a collection of 25,000 photographs from the Daily News in New York.  Almost all of these are original prints in excellent condition.
The collection includes many historically important photographs relating to the major Wars of the 20th century.  Of particular graphic importance are the items relating to The Korean, Spanish and Second World Wars.
The photos range from the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931, triggering the long Sino-Japanese War of the 30’s and 40’s.  Images of the Second World War fought on both the European & Pacific fronts as well as footage from The Korean War in 1950 form an integral part of the overall collection.

China Maritime Album
A lacquered concertina album, 150cm x 195cm, with floral and butterfly motif.
72 pages of photographs, full page, black and white.  All are very neatly captioned in pen and ink. 
The photographs are mainly of ships in Chinese waters, names and dimensions given, but there is also the occasional building, e.g. the water tower at Shanghai Water Works and The Dragon Prince Cave Temple near Ichang. 
Of particular interest are the views of the French River Gun Boat ‘Olry’ and the upper end of the ‘Ling Gorge’, site of the wreck of the German Steamer ‘Sui-Hsiang’.
All photos (there are 93) give exact boat dimensions.
An exhaustive and very comprehensive collection.

The price is €2,450

The Craft of Graphic Art- A unique collection of original high quality original prints from 1493 – 1910. This unique publishing event is the culmination of many years devoted collecting by the late Dusseldorf bookseller Hans Marcus, an experienced bibliophile and expert on old prints.  These are outstanding collections detailing the many stages of the world’s pre-industrial printmaking techniques over five centuries.
Price: EUR12,250
Diebold Schilling's Spiez Illuminated Chronicle- Three magnificent illuminated chronicles of Diebold Schilling's own hand have come down to us: the Great Burgundian Chronicle, also called the Zürcher Schilling describing the history of the war between the Confederation and Charles the Bold, the Official Bern Chronicle in three volumes, and the so-called Spiez Chronicle, commissioned by Rudolf von Erlach, mayor of Bern, which became the crowning achievement of Schilling's uvre. Price: EUR6,400
  vsmall-new.gif (116 bytes)Early Printed Bibles
Number in collection: 5   Individually Priced
Edward Gibbon  No. of Items: 102 Price: €67,500
In 1967, the historian Geoffrey Elton remarked of Gibbon, “hardly anyone reads [him] any longer...” (The Practice of History).  If this were true at the time, it no longer is.  Gibbon is enjoying a revival of interest in his writings: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is still perhaps daunting in its length and complexity, but it is being re-assessed by scholars and critics as part of his literary oeuvre.
The Emergency in Malaya 1948 – 1960: A Collection of Police Intelligence Files
PRICE: €48,500
Eye Language Eye Language is a limited edition hand printed and hand bound book. A collaboration between poet Denise Curtin and artist/printmaker Geraldine O’Reilly.
The Four Seasons of the Duke of Berry- The luxurious Book of Hours from which these monthly sheets are taken is considered the absolute masterpiece of medieval book illumination. The original facsimile volume limited to 980 copies is today out of print and no longer available. However, Faksimile Verlag Luzern is able to offer you the remaining luxuriously reproduced pages of the Calendar.
The Glockendon Hours- Only a few illuminated manuscripts of the late Middle Ages radiate such harmony as the Glockendon Hours, written in German language and executed in 1534.
The Golden Bible "Biblia Pauperum"-  It was made during the first years of the 15th century, at a time when Count Albert's of Bavaria-Holland (1389­1404) and his second wife Margaret of Cleves' court at The Hague developed into a new independent centre of the arts.
The Gradual of St. Katharinental- The Gradual of St. Katharinental is one of the most eminent works of Gothic art in Switzerland and of utmost importance for the intellectual, liturgical, cultural and art history of the Late Middle Ages. A Gradual is a liturgical book containing chants and notations which were sung in Latin during High Mass in alternating order, according to the calendar.
The Great Burgundian Chronicle by Diebold Schilling of Bern- The Great Burgundian Chronicle, also called the Zürcher Schilling after the city where it is kept, is the most original and comprehensive reference book on the Burgundian Wars. It was executed around 1480 in the tradition of the Bern chronicles begun by Konrad Justinger in 1420 and carried on by Bendicht Tschachtlan around 1470.
  vsmall-new.gif (116 bytes)Greenham Common Price: €4,750
Hoefnagel's world of miniatures in the Book of Finest Scripts- The J. Paul Getty Museum bought it for its precious collections where it now attracts thousands of art lovers every year: the "Book of Finest Scripts", officially called "Mira calligraphiae monumenta" Ms. 20 (86. MB. 527), an unusual illuminated manuscript which once set the standards as far as realism and imaginativeness were concerned.
  Historical Archives- Trumbull Papers SOLD
The Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux- This most charming Book of Hours, prepared for Jeanne d'Evreux, consort of the French king Charles IV, is one of the epochal works of 14th century French art. It was made between 1325 and 1328. Price: EUR4,450
  India-Simla – Original Photograph Collection Price: €925
Kokka- We are pleased to offer a CD Rom edition of Kokka, inaugurated in October 1889, including Tenshin Okakura, Kenzo Takahashi and Ernest Francisco Fenollosa, is the oldest art magazine published in Japan.  It is second to the oldest art magazine in the world after the “Gazzet des beaux arts” of France.
  Irish Life & lore Collection A collection of Irish folklore & story telling. From dolmens to lighthouses, from thatching to matchmaking and from copper mines to steam trains, this compilation of 120 CD’s marks a vital milestone in the preservation of a unique folklore treasure in the southwest of Ireland. Maurice O’Keeffe with thirty years experience in the antiques business in Tralee, Co. Kerry has over a number of years painstakingly and lovingly recorded for posterity the rich oral heritage of the province. These recordings many of which have been heard locally on Radio Kerry and Clare F.M. represent for future generations and unrivalled chronicle of the rich, cultural, musical and spiritual lives of a people.
Click here to go to Maurice O'Keeffe's website
Irish Life and Lore - Volume 2
Recordings compiled by Maurice O’Keeffe between 2002 and 2003 in conversation with local Historians, Archaeologists, Folklorists and Storytellers, detailing aspects of Irish life in times past, and the lore in the West and Southwest of Ireland.
A Catalogue of 213 Recordings          Individually Priced
  Lady Gregory SOLD
The Leaves of the Louvre- The five miniatures in the Louvre provide an exceptional and unique link between the time of the duc de Berry and the era of the van Eyck brothers. Price: EUR860
Les Petites Heures of the Duke of Berry- It was on behalf of Jean de France, Duke of Berry, that the most renowned illuminators of the late 14th century created a work of art which, because of its rich and delicate painting, is considered one of the most magnificent artefacts of the Late Middle Ages by scientists and art historians alike. Price: EUR6,980
Les Très Belles Heures de Notre-Dame- The illuminated manuscript of Très Belles Heures is a true landmark of medieval book art and was created at the beginning of the 15th century by the most gifted artists of the time. 25 miniature pages display the unsurpassed splendour of book illumination which has made this manuscript so famous. It is no wonder that the Duke of Berry's inventory mentions it as "a most beautiful Book of Hours of Our Lady in artful letters". Price: EUR4,480
  Literary Archives - We are currently promoting six Archives by contemporary Irish Writers, Poets & Playwrights. These include three novelists, all of whom are accomplished poets, and two of whom are respected playwrights, three poets, one of whom has had several plays produced.
For details of Archives currently available, please contact
The Lorsch Gospels- Around 810 the famous court scriptorium of Charlemagne at Aachen produced a most splendid manuscript, a collection of the Four Gospels of the New Testament, created by the most outstanding artists of this epoch, a book which Charlemagne himself may have held in his hands: the Lorsch Gospels. Price: EUR28,000
The Lucerne Chronicle of Diebold Schilling -The Lucerne Chronicle of Diebold Schilling from the year 1513 is considered the most beautiful of all illuminated chronicles ever made in the Swiss Confederation. It reflects the political, social, economic and religious life of a medieval town and of a whole country. Price: EUR6,400
Marco Polo- The illuminated manuscript on Marco Polo's fascinating and adventurous travels ranks among the most famous manuscripts of the Middle Ages and is considered a highlight of French book decoration. Price: EUR7,980
Meiji Era – Microfilm Collection- Maruzen Booksellers and Publishers in Tokyo, Japan, has commissioned Kennys, to promote  their Microfilm Series of  “The National Diet Library’s Collection of Books Printed In The Meiji Era”.
This highly important and unique collection is now being made available to research institutions throughout the world.
  Meiji Era Japan – Original Photograph Collections
"The beauty and fierceness of Japan's almost medieval nineteenth century society is revealed in these photographs by the remarkable Japanese photographers of the day.  These albums hold the artfully hand-tinted photographs the Victorians loved, showing the splendour that marked the turn of the century. Here are the faces, the costumes, the manners, the professions of the time, the landscapes, the countryside and the city streets.  Many of the photographs here were made by Kusakabe Kimbei, a commercial photographer from Yokohama, operating from the 1880s to 1912
  MIDDLE EASTERN MANUSCRIPT. Middle Eastern Manuscript.  N.P.. No Edition Given.      A devotional manuscript, THE RABBANI KUTB ,(Utterances for each day of the week) by Rememberancer of the Faith, Abu Muhamed Abd el Karim al Jilani , probably Afghan  in Arabic and Farsi  circa 19th Century       160 x  90,  bound in hand painted gold and coloured cloth, handwritten manuscript on vellum-like paper, 83 pages, complete.  Good condition.. Order No. 227219/ €895.00
The Model Book of Giovannino de Grassi- The Model Book of Giovannino de Grassi is the best known and most precious manuscript in the "Angelo Mai" Library in Bergamo and is commonly regarded as the most important example of late Italian Gothic art. Created in the late 14th century at the Visconti court, the codex, a so-called model book, comprises 77 drawings and 24 letters of the alphabet in excellent quality. Price: EUR990
Ottheinrich's Bible- A deluxe work of Regensburgian illumination from the Bibliotheca Palatina Price: EUR7,980
The Peterborough Bestiary. Medieval wonders of the Animal Kingdom- Animal books have been known since classical Antiquity and it is no surprise that they were among the most popular illustrated manuscripts of the Middle Ages. A particularly fine example is the Peterborough Bestiary produced around 1300 with great knowledge of art and nature in an East Anglian abbey.
The Prayer Book of Anne de Bretagne- The carefully designed prayer book was commissioned by Anne of Brittany, wife of two successive kings of France, Charles VIII and Louis XII and thus twice Queen of France, for herself and her son Charles-Orland. It was made in Tours from 1492 to 1495 and is now preserved in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. The book fascinates in its rich illustration and its 34 airy, light flooded miniatures which are among the most delicate examples to be found at the end of the 15th century. Price: EUR860
Richard M. Nixon Price: €14,750
Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th President of the United States of America is surely one of the most complex and controversial figures in the history of politics. His life story has inspired a whole library; This private library of more than three hundred books, videos, DVD’s and a fairly large collection of newspaper cuttings provides everything you need to study the life and times of Richard Nixon and one of the most fascinating periods in American political history. Every book written by Nixon is included and two of them, his revealing “Memoirs” and a special edition of “The Real War” are signed by the President himself.
Rudolf von Ems: World Chronicle Der Stricker: Charlemagne- For many centuries, the City of Saint-Gall has preserved a most chivalrous magnificent manuscript of the Late Middle Ages. This codex exemplifies, in both script and language, in miniature painting and narrative verse, a highlight of Southern German Gothic. Its poetic literature and pictorial decoration records the world history for the ages, as it presented itself to the eyes and ears of a knightly round enjoying a glass of good wine. Price: EUR7,200
The Salzburg Pericopes- The Salzburg Pericopes provide an outstanding example of a manuscript in the tradition of Ottonian book illumination which is closely related to the Carolingian style. The extremely lavishly decorated manuscript may be considered as the equivalent of the Gospel Pericopes of Henry II, another important illuminated manuscript in the European tradition. Price: EUR9,980
  The Sassoon Collection €2,395
The Sforza Hours An Outstanding Renaissance Manuscript- The Sforza Hours rank among the masterpieces of the Renaissance, exemplary in terms of colour and expressiveness. Lavish miniatures and golden ornamental borders reveal both atmosphere and emotions prevalent in Renaissance times. 4 Books Price: EUR7,980 (complete)
  Singapore, Hong Kong & China No. in collection: 2
The Showa Era- The Showa as a period is used for framework purposes only.  Books published before Hirohito’s accession in December 1926 are included as are items published after his death.
Subject areas covered include; General Social Science, Political Science, Law, Economics, Public Finance, Statistics, Education and Defence and Military Affairs etc.
Individual sub-sections maybe purchased independently.
  The Stopford Papers SOLD
The Swiss Chronicle of Wernher Schodoler A Classical Work on the History of Switzerland- The Swiss Chronicle of Wernher Schodoler ranks among the most important Swiss Illuminated Chronicles. It is composed of three volumes and, due to its illustrations, is considered an important document of the time preceeding the battle of Marignan.Price: EUR5,200
The Turin-Milan Hours with Miniatures by Jan van Eyck- The Turin-Milan Hours were ordered by a series of art lovers over a period of more than fifty years uniting two leading artistic currents of the southern side of the Alps and thus presenting a true treasure trove of painting styles. Price: EUR4,980
Tschachtlan's Illustrated Chronicle The Oldest Swiss Illuminated Chronicle- In the illuminated chronicles of the 15th and 16th centuries, the Swiss Confederation created cultural documents of a very unique character. They all go back to a stunning work with an unbiased pictorial language of very special artistic charm. Price: EUR4,700
  Two India Related Original Photo Collections

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