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Macroeconomics has answers to many questions related to consumption, politics, economics, careers, and management. And the collections are designed not only for scientists from the fields of the same name, but also for the average person and the satisfaction of his basic informational needs. If you are interested in this field and want to buy a collection, you can familiarize yourself with them below, and if you are looking for a professional letter writer service in order to submit your already finished work to the forum, etc., contact our partners.






Agricultural Economics and Farm Production 195 ¬7,350 KAEFP Available
Charities, Trusts & NGO’s 239 Individually Priced KCTNGO Available
Consumer Behaviour and Individual Choice 50 Individually Priced KCBIC1 Available
Consumers and Consumer Theory 64 Individually Priced KCTT Available
Early Industrial Development in Britain and America to the 20th Century 125 Individually Priced KEIDBA1 Available
Introductory Texts and Readings in Microeconomic Theory 55 ¬2,300 KITRMET Available
Issues of Personnel Administration and Conditions in the Working Environment 80 ¬3,250 KIPAWE Available
Japanese Economy 84 Individually Priced KJAPE Available
Labour Relations:
A Study of Industry and Trade Union Interaction
79 Individually Priced KLABR1 Available
Monopoly, Cartels and Trusts:
The Economics of Competition Theory
90 Individually Priced KMCT1 Available
Personal Career Development and Employee Skills and Training 165 ¬6,950 KPCDE Available
The Economics of Employment and Labour Markets 41 Individually Priced KEELM1 Available
The Economics of Energy and Environmental Resource Development 120 Individually Priced KEEERD1 Available
The Economics of Industrial and Manufacturing Theory 195 ¬8,350 KEIMT Available
The Economics of Production Management and Costs 100 Individually Priced KEPMC1 Available
The Economics of Wage Theory:
Productivity, Evaluation and Benefits
110 ¬4,200 KEWTPEB Available
The Growth and History of Organised Labour and Trade Unions in the United States 80 ¬3,250 KGHOT Available
The History and Influence of the Trade Union Movement in the U.K. 50 ¬2,150 KHFTUM Available
The Marketing of Research Strategies of Firms 70 ¬2,950 KMRSF Available
The Mechanism of  Price Formation and Theory 110 ¬4,390 KMPFT Available
The Mechanisms of  Supply and Demand and Market Distribution 50 Individually
KMSDM Available
The Role of  Trade Unions in Collective Bargaining and Industrial Unrest 50 ¬1,950 KRTUCU Available

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